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ROYAL-WAY Building Design & Construction


Architecture Services

  • 3D Architecture Services
    Not every company has mastered this art of 3D and we as a company has done it many times. 3D effects are loved by all and add a different charm to the entire place. 3D art has developed over time and many people are option for it. With our company, ROYAL-WAY Building Design and Construction you can
  • AutoCAD Architecture Services
    Technology has brought about revolutionary changes in every professional field. One such field in the construction industry in which technology has done away with manual construction drafting. The important point to understand here is that the engineering drawing is a kind of technical point to
  • Building Architecture Services
    Buildings can be so boring if you do not have a design added to it. However, if you add some aesthetics and structure to it, it will look totally different. All you need to do is consult ROYAL-WAY Building Design and Construction and we will take it from there. Starting from the basic construction
  • Civil Architecture Services
    Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh provides civil architecture services all around the country. We have a service team which works professionally and deal with utility, durability, mapping, beauty plan, designing and much more. We construct your buildings as your desire to
  • Commercial Architecture Services
    Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh will provide you with the best commercial architecture services. We assist our customers with building, remodelling or relocating the ideal commercial setting for your business or commercial development projects. We will help you determine
  • Corporate Architecture Services
    Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh has a team of architecture designers who provide you with the right service to you in the best proportions. The vision of our architecture design company is to improve people's lifestyle by offering creative corporate design architecture for
  • Garden Architecture Services
    Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh emerged as the leading garden architecture service provider. We have gained popularity by challenging the traditional separation between built and natural environments and helping our customers and clients to harness the productivity,
  • Hospital Architecture Services
    The healthcare projects pose a unique, interlocking set of challenges for architects. Some of the challenges include complex HVAC requirements, strict regulations and ongoing operation cost containment. These challenges are compounded by limited access to capital which often falls soft when it
  • Hotel Architecture Services
    Architecture and the raw construction is something that goes hand in hand. Without the outer mould you cannot beautify anything. You can see how things will look once you get the design. Merely a building is incomplete and unattractive to look but with some amazing architectural skills, you can
  • Industrial Architecture Services
    Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh has a proud history of providing customers with industrial architecture services. The industrial projects are a class of architectural design all their own and they offer challenges that we love to take on. Although industrial buildings have
  • Institutional Architecture Services
    Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh is the best institutional architecture service provider. Design for the institutional settings needs consideration of factors that are beyond the work environment. They must accommodate interaction between visitors, employees and highly
  • Interior Architecture Services
    With beautifying outside of a building, it is equally important to beautify the interiors as well. Adding what is important for you and what you like the most, that’s how a house or a room is built. It is a reflection of your personality and should be designed as per your likeness. You can
  • Landscape Architecture Services
    Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh connect people with the places we build. We believe that every project should be like an expression of attitude which response to the economic, social and environmental conditions. We develop the design and architectural solutions that are
  • Office Architecture Services
    Save your time and money by hiring our office architecture services. Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh holds expertise and brings together site planning, predesign and interior design of your office efficiently and cost-effectively. Our customers and clients can enjoy our
  • Residential Architecture Services
    Home is a place to be where you can have peace of mind and the best moments of your life. It should be something that you can cherish for the rest of your life. But it is not something that should only be from the inside but also from the outside. Architectural elements add a different look to the
  • Resort Architecture Services
    For years, Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh is widely regarded as one of the nation's preeminent architectural service providers. We provide our customers with luxury resort architecture services which include lake and mountains, golf, master planned communities,
  • Revit Architecture Services
    Are you looking for accurate Revit architectural services at an affordable cost? Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh is the leading company that offers a complete range of architectural designs and drafting services in Revit to best the individual customer's needs and
  • School Architecture Services
    Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh have a specialised team of designers who make it easy for the kids to grab the things easily and quickly by designing the perfect images and using the attractive colours on it. We use good quality colours and make your school architecture
  • Temple Architecture Services
    Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh emerged as a renowned company for temple architecture services. Our services include designing, fitting, carving etc. of temples. Empowered by highly skilled artisans and craftsman, we provide an exquisite piece of temple work of small, medium

Interior Designing Services

Construction Services

  • Badminton Court Construction Services
    Badminton has become one of the two most popular sports in India today due to fewer space requirements. This is a great sport for cardiovascular fitness due to the vast amount of quick movement over a small space and both the up/down movement and side to side fitness that is needed. Surface
  • Basketball Court Construction Services
    Are you an avid athlete who likes or play basketball games with friends at the park or competes in a league or school tournaments? Basketball's popularity as a sport for both adult and children players has been trending across the country. Players are continuously searching for premium outdoor
  • Boundary Walls Construction Services
    Who said that boundaries can’t be beautiful. All you need to do is know the right construction company that will help you get what you dream of. Boundaries can be constructed around your personal residential area or around a commercial space and we will do both with ease. Our expertise is that we
  • Bridge Construction Services
    Having considered the fact that bridges are something that eases up the commute hassle we cannot forget they can also be something to be dangerous if not built properly. We have seen many instances where bridges have caused casualties which are not at all acceptable. Our company, ROYAL-WAY
  • Building Construction Services
    Construction is not only about raw material but also about proper planning. Designing and layout is as important as the outside appearance of the building. With ROYAL-WAY Building Design and Construction, it is a cake walk to have a building constructed. We have experts who are into construction
  • Car Parking Construction Services
    Parking spaces have been a constraint in growing days as more and more people are buying cars to meet their conveyance needs. It is important to utilise a given amount of space and convert it into a proper one which will accommodate maximum number of vehicles in a limited area. It is also important
  • Civil Construction Services
    ROYAL-WAY Building Design and Construction is not just a name but we are adding value to people’s lives. With our engineers having expertise in their work, we have created our reputation in the field of construction. Our civil construction services are worth checking as we believe in customising
  • Complex Construction Services
    Are you looking for complex construction services? Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh is the best company to hire for such services. We have the best designers and engineers who provide you with the best designs and construction faster and quicker. We have appointed the best
  • Factory Construction Services
    Constructing a factory is no joke as it does not only consist of a work area but also has a place to keep stocks and other segments such as eating area, washrooms, to name a few. With production area and accommodating all the machineries, you need to design the place accordingly that will leave
  • Farmhouse Construction Services
    Staycations or weekend trips are fun and can give you the much needed break from your daily, monotonous schedule. A lot of people opt for a weekend stay in a farmhouse and enjoy some quality time with their family and friends. Farmhouses can be considered for personal use or can be given out for
  • Furnace Construction Services
    Royal-Way Building Design & Construction, Uttar Pradesh has managed to establish a name itself in the market for the excellent services which we offer to the customers and clients that are inclusive of a wide range of furnace construction services which have been priced at an affordable rate in
  • Greenhouse Construction Services
    Greenhouse construction needs a specific way to meet all the factors that is requested to sustain plant life. With a lot of companies to offer greenhouse construction services, we can assure you that we are different from others. Our client base and reputation in the market has been not compromised
  • Highway Construction Services
    Just like roads, highways are another critical part of land transportation and commute. Because highways have a separate set of of protocols to follow, it is way different in terms of construction as compared to the regular roads. They are something that is used by many and has to be in proper
  • Hospital Construction Services
    Health is an important aspect and what is better than constructing a hospital. However, hospital construction is different than basic construction which needs to be considered before you even think of building a hospital. ROYAL-WAY Building Design and Construction has been a trusted company that
  • Hotel Construction Services
    Hotels are a place to unwind and relax and if the hotel is not up to the mark or like the way you want it to be, then disappointment is on its way. Being into hotel business asks for a lot of creativity if you wish to succeed in it and earn profit. ROYAL-WAY Building Design and Construction is one
  • Industrial Construction Services
    Residential or civil construction is different as compared to industrial construction. There are a a lot of factors that needs to be checked before anything begins. Industrial construction needs a lot of attention to minor details which can become a safety concern in the long run if neglected.
  • Office Construction Services
    Office spaces are changing rapidly with time and are getting better day by day. It is not only increasing the productivity but also keeping the employees engaged and happy. A lot of elements are being added to office spaces to make them look attractive and comfortable. They are now not only meant
  • Pipeline Construction Services
    Transportation of fluids such as petroleum, oil, etc is not an easy task as spillage can be a major challenge. Proper pipeline should be constructed to ensure that no such accident happens as it is not only wastage of resources and money but also a harm to the environment. To avoid all such
  • Pond Construction Services
    Ponds and other form of water bodies are constructed either for culturing of fishes or for beautification purposes. Constructing a pond isn’t a difficult task but what makes it difficult is the structure and other factors that will be a part of day to day life. The area of the pond and the
  • Residential Construction Services
    Looking forward to make a residential complex or just having your own residential area constructed, you need nothing less than expert advice. It will help you get the best of ideas and how it will look in reality. Construction is not an easy job and not every construction company is reliable. You
  • Resort Construction Services
    Resorts can be quite tempting with the kind of discounts ad offers being give to the customers. They can be a nice alternative to hotels as you get numerous added benefits and facilities that will enhance the entire vacation just like that. However, you need to pick the right one to ensure your
  • Road Construction Services
    We have all known how roads are and how important it is to have proper roads. Potholes and damages on roads can be quiet dangerous as it can be a life threatening thing. Proper construction will help out not only a segment of people but also an entire community. Road construction is something that
  • School Construction Services
    School is the place where kids spend most of the time away from home and the place needs to be constructed in a smart way. Schools include playgrounds, learning areas, laboratories, to name a few. With a proper plan to construct a school you can utilize the space in the best possible way. All you
  • Shopping Mall Construction Services
    Shopping malls are fun places to be. You can shop as well as eat and have fun such as going for a bowling game or snooker, etc. However, not all shopping malls are equally popular and visited by people. The reason being the structure and area which decides the footfall and also the look of the
  • Swimming Pool Construction Services
    Infinity pools, baby pools, adult pools, you name it and we will construct one for you. Our expertise in swimming pool construction has taken off with our successful projects that we have completed for various clients. You can simply contact us and let us know your requirements and we will be ready
  • Temple Construction Services
    Aesthetics are as important as anything else. Temples or places of worship does not only involve a mere layout but also involves designs, structures, creativity that is much needed for the beautification purpose. Considering the kind of temple being constructed, one can add their choices and we
  • Tennis Court Construction Services
    Sports is a part of fitness and many youths are emerging as talented sportsperson nowadays. Tennis being one such sports which has provided us with a champion as well. Many schools and colleges are options for tennis court construction which is indeed a great step to take. However, the only
  • Warehouse Construction Services
    Stock keeping or inventory management is a crucial part of any business. Compromising on warehouse is a big mistake if you wish to earn profit from your business. Warehouse should be constructed considering that the stocks and products that are stored in the warehouse are safeguarded from all kind
  • Water Park Construction Services
    Water parks are a great way to have fun and a wonderful option to distract kids from a busy schedule. However, if you want to start your own business then you need to know that we have are there for you. At ROYAL-WAY Building Design and Construction, our options are many and you can also choose to

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